Chandra Mani Kafle

I am a Ph.D. candidate at Miami University, studying Adenoviral interactions to their hosts.

Miami University
Graduate program

My research project investigates the impact of Adenovirus (Ad) infections on the host cell division cycle (cell cycle), a series of highly regulated events comprising DNA replication and cell division. Under the mentorship of Dr. Eileen Bridge, my research has demonstrated that Ad infection induces cellular DNA replication while preventing cell division. Ad E4 proteins are known for their roles in regulating the cellular DNA damage response, and our study shows that an Ad E4-mutant arrests the host cell cycle by activating G2/M checkpoint kinases through the kinases involved in the DNA damage response pathway. We are currently investigating mechanisms of the shutdown of host cell DNA replication at late times of Ad infection.

Tribhuvan University
Masters of Science in Microbiology

For the fulfillment of my master's degree, I studied the efficacy of artemether-lumefantrine for the treatment of uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria in Nepal. We found that the combination therapy using artemether-lumefantrine was effective for the treatment of uncomplicated falciparum malaria in Nepal. This project was advised by Dr. Prakash Ghimire and Dr. Komal Raj Rijal.

Teaching Assistant
MBI123 - Introduction to Microbiology
  • Fall 2016
  • Spring 2017
  • Fall 2017
  • Spring 2017
MBI 201 – General Microbiology
  • Fall 2018
  • Spring 2019
  • Fall 2019
  • Spring 2020
  • Fall 2020